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History of Anaheim, CA

Anaheim, located approximately 25 miles from Los Angeles is a beautiful little city you will love. Home to Disneyland this orange county city has been booming in population since 1955. The 10th most populated city in California, and in terms of land Anaheim is the second-largest city in orange county. Today the city is known for its theme parks, convention center, hockey club, and baseball team.

The first settlers were immigrants, as 50 german families made Anaheim their home in 1857. However, the city did not get its official name until 1870. Anaheim was a collaboration created by the Santa Ana River, and the German word “heim” meaning home.

Soon anaheim became the hub of the wine industry for California, but unfortunately, the 1880’s blight wiped out all the vineyards. After endless hard work, the grapes were taken over by oranges. Which soon became Anaheim’s agricultural backbone.

1995 was the year of Anaheim when Disneyland finally opened and changed the face of the city. The population was under 15’000 in 1950, which drastically moved to 328’000 by 2000. The increase in population was mostly due to the job opportunities created by Disneyland, and the Anaheim Convention Center that opened in 1967. Following the growth pattern, we soon saw the beautiful Arrowhead Pond Ice Arena and a gorgeous baseball stadium for the national teams.

Home to North Orange County Community College, the city comes with endless historical and cultural landmarks. The city’s main income comes from the tourism brought in by Disneyland Resorts, who contribute more than $4.7 billion annually while producing $255 million in taxes per year. Followed by the Convention Center that holds endless important national conferences. Creating a steady income for the entire city.

Facts About Anaheim

  1. The Anaheim Angels holds five Guinness World Records, as the baseball team was able to gather the largest number of people wearing cowboy hats, wigs, blanks, Santa hats, and luchador masks.
  2. The first Tinker Bell Disney hire was a 70-year-old Hungarian. A circus performer that was the first one to fly over the castle during a fireworks show.
  3. The Anaheim peppers get their name from the local farmer Emilio Ortega. The framer first brought the pepper seeds to Anaheim in the early 1900s.
  4. Disneyland took exactly 365 days to open and was a complete disaster. With rides breaking down, gas leaks, to soft roads; every possible thing went wrong that day.
  5. Boysenberry was actually grafted by Rudolph Boysen. A creative genius who decided to take on blackberries, loganberries, and raspberries. Creating one of the most loved flavors of all time.

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