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Famous People From Anaheim, CA

Home to some of the most distinguished individuals, Anaheim city has contributed to the country in many ways. These talented personalities come from different fields, offering something to every industry out there. These names include, but are not limited to.

Ashley Benson

If you have had the opportunity to catch “Days of Our Lives” you would not have missed Abigail Deveraux – played by the talented Ashley Benson. The talented actress won the Young Hollywood Award in the hit sitcom “Pretty Little Liars”. Benson joined the Ford Modelling Agency when she was just 8 years old and was in her first music video in 2002. The actress was not only born in Anaheim but even lived there for a good chunk of her life.

Lonzo Ball

A basketball player that is considered to be one of the best upcoming players in the world. Drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers in 2017, Lonzo is currently the second-best player. In 2016 Lonzo became the Morgan Wooten Player, and the Naismith Prep Player. Born and raised in Anaheim, the basketball player is the brother of LiAngelo Ball a three-star recruiter.

Tiffany Toth

The stunning model became Playboy’s playmate in 2011 and has 1.1 million followers on her Instagram alone. She has been celebrated all around the globe and is known for her flawless beauty and charm. Born in Anaheim hills, the model was raised in Orange County. Her unreal features are a collaboration from her French, Hungarian, and Irish descent.

Milo Ventimiglia

A talented actor who decided he wanted to win an Oscar at the age of 8. Working towards his goal he received a full scholarship from the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco for a summer program and made his way to UCLA where he majored in theater. During his time at UCLA Milo took on his first role as a professional actor on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Shortly after he was taken on as a lead for a short film “Must Be Music”. From where he moved to take on TV sitcoms such as Gilmore Girls, Heroes, Opposite Sex, This is Us and others.

Mason Gonzales

An internet comedian that is known by the handle “Mason Chill Out”. The vine account that posts comedy edits made to different videos. Before Vine shut down Gonzales had accumulated more than 850’000 followers. After which he moved his energy towards Instagram, he is currently a hot Instagram celebrity. Born and raised in Anaheim, Mason is the oldest in his family.

D Woods

A celebrated rapper that was once an active member of the Sean Combs Girl Group Danity Kane. Woods graduated from the New York School of Arts and has embarked on many world tours with many internationally recognized rappers. Born in Anaheim the rapper made her way to the top with her natural talent and hard work.