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November 2005

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Thank you for being a member of Anita Lee Creations, I appreciate each and everyone of you.  And as valued members you deserve a discount on renewing your membership. Use the links below when you are ready to renew, you can renew at any time and I will add the time to the end of your current membership, so you will not lose any time.

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Download License

I am offering a download Tutorial license but only to a few people.  This license will allow you to place my tubes, in PSP or PSD format on your own website for download for use in tutorials, including ones that you charge people to use.  It also allows you to sell images made from my tubes in PSP or other tube form.  But for non-tutorial use the images must be altered and made into something new before they can be sold. Simply re-coloring is not enough of a change, but adding other tubes or painting over the images and making them look hand painted is.  I must first review your website and approve you license purchase, and you must display the license on any page that you have my tubes available for download with a link back to  The license is $40. If you are interested in this license please contact me

Scrap Kit License

I am offering a scrap kit license to a few people.  This license will allow you to place my tubes as is, in PSP or PSD format into your scrap kits.  The tubes from the members area are NOT to be given away for free on your site, they must be for purchase.  You can only give away the tubes that are given away free here. You must place a link to me on your site and give me proper credit in and zips or CDs of your scrap kits.  Credit for the art work must be given to me in some form, you can not take credit for the art.  The license is $50, and does not include your membership cost. If you are interested in this license please contact me


Reseller License

It is $100 for the purchase of the license, this however does not include your membership.  Also there is a $40 fee every 6 months, in this way you do not need to keep track of your profits and give me a certain percent.  The terms are that you can sell images from my site in a membership area on your site or as part of scrap kits.  You can not give the images away for free and you must display your license on your site where the tubes are distributed.  You can sell many of my tubes but please do not just duplicate my member's area.  Please include other items that you create, which can include items that you create with my art.  Items like sig tags, IM letters, etc.  I retain copyright of my original images at all times and if terms are not followed I retain the right to cancel the contract. If you are interested in this license please contact me



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